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Share your superpower with JUCCCE!


JUCCCE welcomes volunteers in our office in Shanghai throughout the year. We are a small organization that thrives on the power of collaboration. If you have a superpower and free time to share, we would love to have you volunteer with us.

JUCCCE has been working with a worldwide expert network to create intellectual and emotional calls to action since 2007. Along with this, JUCCCE has one of the longest running, most impactful volunteer, intern, and executive in residence programs in China for foreign and domestic students.

This year, 2017, we have 35+ interns and volunteers from top schools and companies around the world coming to work with us in Shanghai.

Currently, we are specifically looking for teachers, early childhood educators, videographers, storytellers, graphic designers, product designers.  

If you are interested in lending your spare time to JUCCCE, please email us at

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